Monday, March 29, 2010

Slow progress this weekend, to many kid/family events. I am really ready for this one to be done! I love how its coming together but I am ready to move on. I did get my moms second sock knitted on Sunday in the car so they are ready for her for Mothers Day. My nephew turned 7 yesterday! We went to their house for his party. He wanted a shirt like his older cousin Jacob so we had to get them matching ones!

Sure hoped they washed their hands!!! Lauren (left) & Victoria decided to make cookies Friday night! For as much goofing around as they did, the cookies actually came out really good!!!

Poor little Mocha had her getting "fixed" surgery Friday. She was so out of it all day Friday! I think Echo enjoyed the peace & quiet! By Saturday she was back to her normal stinker ways!!


  1. The cross stitch picture is coming along beautifully!

    Looks like everyone had a good weekend, except the dog. She looks so tired in that pic! I'm glad to hear she is back to normal already.

  2. trust me!! she is soooo back to normal!!! :)

  3. Bet the cookie dough tasted as good as the cookies! Love all your photos. Those big chairs that your nephews are chillin' in look very comfy!