Monday, March 29, 2010

Slow progress this weekend, to many kid/family events. I am really ready for this one to be done! I love how its coming together but I am ready to move on. I did get my moms second sock knitted on Sunday in the car so they are ready for her for Mothers Day. My nephew turned 7 yesterday! We went to their house for his party. He wanted a shirt like his older cousin Jacob so we had to get them matching ones!

Sure hoped they washed their hands!!! Lauren (left) & Victoria decided to make cookies Friday night! For as much goofing around as they did, the cookies actually came out really good!!!

Poor little Mocha had her getting "fixed" surgery Friday. She was so out of it all day Friday! I think Echo enjoyed the peace & quiet! By Saturday she was back to her normal stinker ways!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This is my greeting crew whenever I come home! They sit in the window & watch everything. They won't jump down until they actually hear the garage door start to go up then they are off & running!! Mocha & Echo, The Greeters

Monday, March 22, 2010

Saturday night we ended up having 2 nephews & 2 nieces spend the night. I went to my sister in laws house while Jacob was at baseball with Chuck. We watched New Moon, ate & drank margaritas! We took her 2 boys home with us & then we stopped at my moms & got Victoria & my 2 nieces. They were suppose to spend the night with my mom but she started getting sick so I got all of them! We didnt get home until 11pm but the kids still played til after midnight & then were up at the crack of dawn for more playing time!! Oh, to be young again!!
Still working on my moms picture! I love seeing the kids coming to life! 5 pages done so far out of 16!!

Where do we sleep? Our bed has been taken over by dogs!! Enjoying the sunshine on Saturday!!! Love this weather! Mocha is finally learning the electric fence boundaries! They are having so much fun running around & playing outside now!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Im on page 4 of my moms picture! Victoria & Lance are coming to life!!
We spent all day Sunday at Victorias volleyball tournament. They came in second place again! I did get a book finished & worked on my knitted cardigan in between matches!

What another busy weekend! Friday night we had game night with Chucks brother & family. We are trying to get together once a month & play games. So far we have only missed February! 2 out of 3..not to bad, yet! We played lots of ping pong, that seemed to be the crowd favorite! Dee & I are going to practice so we can beat the guys next time! Poor Mikey, he had been up since 4am so he took a little snooze!

Monday, March 8, 2010

This is the picture that I am making it from! Can you tell that I added the boy on the left & the girl on the right in the back? They werent there for the picture so I added them in!
Still working on moms picture!

Busy weekend!! Lots of softball, baseball & volleyball! Saturday started off fun for me! I went to Coach with my sister in law & bought a new purple purse! I love it! I have ben wanting a purple purse(since its my favorite color!!) The sun was shining & I didnt have to wear my heavy coat! The day was perfect! Victoria & I went to Chipotles for dinner since Chuck & Jacob went to baseball practice! Then I got to stitch for the rest of the night while she hung out with a friend!

Sunday was the killer day! Victoria had volleyball ALL day! I love watching their sports but I hate it when you have to sit around in between matches especially when the sun was out & we were inside!! Jacob went crazy, bored out of his mind so we were close to my brothers house so he got to go over there & play with his cousins! Victorias team came in second yesterday so I guess it was worth it! More of the same this coming Sunday!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I started working on my moms Christmas present for this year! I am doing a cross stitch of all 9 grandkids for her. I plan on working on other things in between, I am getting a little tired of these big projects! I need something little & fun thrown in! I do love seeing the kids come to life though!!

Last night was our first Monday since November that we didnt have basketball!! We actually ate at home last night! Of course tonight its back to softball but Ill take what I can get! Victoria has her first traveling volleyball match Sunday, its an allllll day event! I think I will take my pair of socks that I am making for my mom for Mothers Day & work on them! I hate to be idle for to long!!
We might get up to 47 on Thursday!! I am doing the happy dance!!!! Cant wait! Have a great Tuesday everybody!!!!