Monday, March 22, 2010

Saturday night we ended up having 2 nephews & 2 nieces spend the night. I went to my sister in laws house while Jacob was at baseball with Chuck. We watched New Moon, ate & drank margaritas! We took her 2 boys home with us & then we stopped at my moms & got Victoria & my 2 nieces. They were suppose to spend the night with my mom but she started getting sick so I got all of them! We didnt get home until 11pm but the kids still played til after midnight & then were up at the crack of dawn for more playing time!! Oh, to be young again!!
Still working on my moms picture! I love seeing the kids coming to life! 5 pages done so far out of 16!!

Where do we sleep? Our bed has been taken over by dogs!! Enjoying the sunshine on Saturday!!! Love this weather! Mocha is finally learning the electric fence boundaries! They are having so much fun running around & playing outside now!!


  1. Why, you sleep on the couch, of course! You can't disturb the puppies!

    I've been watching your picture grow. I can't believe how fast you are stritching this!

  2. The couch, of course! Except the dogs follow ME, where ever I go, they go!! Its tough being loved!!
    I am working hard on my moms picture! I really want to get it done! She is going to love it!! Thanks for watching my progress & your support!!