Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This is my greeting crew whenever I come home! They sit in the window & watch everything. They won't jump down until they actually hear the garage door start to go up then they are off & running!! Mocha & Echo, The Greeters


  1. It would make me happy to have that greeting crew meet me everyday when I get home. I only have one greeter- but she makes my day :)

  2. I think that is the best thing about dogs...the "I'm SO HAPPY to see you" greeting when you come home!

    We used to have a couch at our front window where Sheba would sit all day and watch outside. She would get so upset about us leaving she would bite the blinds! Our blinds are badly bitten and one is broken in two lol! We moved the couch so now Sheba only barks when we leave. I need new blinds.

  3. What a wonderful way to be welcomed home! They are adorable sitting in the window waiting for you.