Monday, March 8, 2010

This is the picture that I am making it from! Can you tell that I added the boy on the left & the girl on the right in the back? They werent there for the picture so I added them in!
Still working on moms picture!

Busy weekend!! Lots of softball, baseball & volleyball! Saturday started off fun for me! I went to Coach with my sister in law & bought a new purple purse! I love it! I have ben wanting a purple purse(since its my favorite color!!) The sun was shining & I didnt have to wear my heavy coat! The day was perfect! Victoria & I went to Chipotles for dinner since Chuck & Jacob went to baseball practice! Then I got to stitch for the rest of the night while she hung out with a friend!

Sunday was the killer day! Victoria had volleyball ALL day! I love watching their sports but I hate it when you have to sit around in between matches especially when the sun was out & we were inside!! Jacob went crazy, bored out of his mind so we were close to my brothers house so he got to go over there & play with his cousins! Victorias team came in second yesterday so I guess it was worth it! More of the same this coming Sunday!!

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