Monday, December 14, 2009

Call me crazy!!!! Crazy, crazy, crazy! We got the kids a puppy Saturday! Why oh why?!?! We have been talking about it for while now, we are gone alot with all the kids sports so we wanted to get a friend for Echo so he wasnt so lonely while we are gone. I really wasnt thinking a puppy though! Well, Mocha is now part of the family! She is a shepherd/terrier mix & shes a little bundle of fire! She definetly doesnt take it when Echo gets in her face! She fights back. So far, things have been going well. I hate putting Mocha in a cage right now while we are gone, but she doesnt seem to mind to much. The kids are in heaven with two dogs. I have always wanted two dogs so I am loving it too! I just hope things continue to go smooth!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Busy times!! Thanksgiving came & went in a whirl! Way to much turkey!! We had a super great time with all the family! Lots of board games were played this year!

Moving on to Christmas! I had everything decorated the weekend before Thanksgiving. I love to get everything up so I can enjoy it! We made the big switch last year to an artifical tree (yuck) but we had to. We always get a 13 foot tree & 9 foot around for our great room. It got to be such a pain having to use Chucks weights to weigh the thing down & to have the neighbors come over to help put it up. This tree is just as bad though! Its 14 foot tall & Chuck struggles to put the top on it! Oh well, what are you going to do??!! Victoria has started a bad habit with the dog & the tree, she thinks its cute to put a candy cane on the bottom & watch Echo get it off. Wont be cute when he knocks the whole tree over. In this picture, he is waiting for a candy cane to appear!!

Most of the shopping and wrapping is done, cards are out & baking has been started. I try to bake something every few days. I love this time of year!!!!

I still have 3 gifts to finish. I am making a Vikings helmet cross stitch for our son, a Chiefs one for my brother in law & I took a picture of our first Husky & am stitching it for our daughter. Looking forward to stitching tonight & watching Christmas movies with the kids! The only day this week that we have nothing on the calendar!!!!

Hope you are all enjoying your holidays!!

Merry Christmas!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

I did it! I finished all the ornaments for my kids, my nieces & my nephews!! I am so glad I am done! I need to finish putting the strings through them & do two more pictures but they are done!! I can finally move onto something else!!!

We put up a few Christmas decorations this weekend! I just cant seem to wait! I love this time of the year!!!! We have a busy weekend coming up too. We have Thanksgiving at our house with my husbands family & then on Sunday we have our baking day! Every year since I have been a little girl we all get together to make cookies. Theres usually about 17 of us, parents & kids that bake! We bake over 5 different kinds of cookies and usually end up with over 700 cookies! We freeze them and them divide them up on Thanksgiving for everyone to take home and enjoy! I cant wait!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Time is flying! I cant believe its the second week of November already! This is my favorite time of year so it needs to slow down so I can enjoy it!!!! I already have my Christmas mugs out & the kids wanted to put their Christmas trees in their rooms so we did that this past weekend. I am ready to put more stuff out!!! I have been listening to Christmas music for a week now!! I have one more ornament to go then they are all finished for my nieces & nephews for this year! I will post them when I am done.

I did finish a covered bridge for my grandma. She loves covered bridges!! I have also been knitting fingerless gloves for gifts. These have been going pretty fast!

Victoria made a traveling volleyball team & Jacob made a traveling basketball team so we are off and running again!! Now we have volleyball, softball pitching lessons, softball, basketball & baseball practices!! I will never see my house again!! I love watching the kids play, I just wish we didnt have all the practices!!!

Time to stitch!! Have a great day!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

UGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH! I hate being sick!! I have been down for 6 days now with a sinus infection! It has left me weak!! Today is the first day I have been off the couch for more than 10 minutes! I need to get back among the living!!! I am just glad the kids arent sick. Chuck was down for a few days with a terible cough but so far thats it!! I think I may be on the mend! I have trick or treat candy to buy still! I sent Chuck to get candy & he bought the cheapest kind! Bad man, now I have to go get better candy!

I did manage to work a little bit on the my aunts gift but thats about it, just to weak and to tried! I need to kick things in gear, lots of gifts to get done!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Busy times!!! I feel like we are never home!!! We run between volleyball & football right now! Yesterday we celebrated our daughters "13th" birthday! Where does the time go?!?! I cant believe she is a teenager! I think she had a great day yesterday! Forthe last 3 years she & my 2 nieces havemade a Haunted Trail in our basement for the family to go through onher birthday. Theyjust keep getting better & better. The kids really enjoy the trails & the grown ups do too!

I am still working on all my picture ornaments! In between them I started on a picture for my aunt for Christmas. She loves cows so every year I make her a cow picture. I think I am going to turn this one into a pillow when I am done. Well, off to buy Jacob some jeans since he deided to play football in his best pair of pants!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

A weekend of stitching! We watched football, caught up on our dvr shows & I stitched! Took time out Saturday for Jacobs football game..they won!! Great job Jacob! Did some housework inside & out but mostly I stitched!!

I have been working on my picture Christmas ornaments. Every year since my kids were born, I make them an ornament & I put their picture in the middle. I also started making them for my nieces & nephews too so now I make 11 of them every year. I am getting tired of the same patterns so if anyone has any photo ornament patterns that they are willing to share, please let me know!!! This is a picture of the first one done for this year & the next one started! I will keep showing you them as I go!

Way to go Bengals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Fall! I finished the Bengal shirt but I forgot to take a pictureof it! My grandma loved it!! I will try to get a picture soon! I am glad she had it for Sundays game! Way to go Begals!!

I made one of the Halloween ornaments from the new magazine. I decided toput a magnet on the back & hang it on the fridge. I think I will make a few more Halloween ones then start on Christmas!! I love this time of year!!

Lots of cleaning to do today! I keep stitching and stitching for others but no one cleans my house for me!?!

Have a great first day of fall!!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Welcome to the Jungle!!! My grandma has been wanting a Bengals sweatshirt for a year now & has not received one so I have decided to make her one! I am hoping to have it done by Saturday so she can wear it for the season!
Victoria did great in her volleyball game last night! She had 8 serves in a row last night & 18 in a row last Thursday! She is really doing super!! Jacob had another good football game! He is starting to like tackling people more and more! Boys!!!

Off to try & get some stitching done before the day gets to crazy! Have a great day!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering 9/11. This is a hard day for all of us. Please pray for all of those that we have lost.

Its done!!!! I am soo excited! I love it & I know my brother and sister-in-law will love it too!! Now I just have to get it framed and try to wait for Christmas!

I started on one of the Halloween ornaments from the annual magazine. I htink I am going to make a bunch of them as gifts! I also need to start on a Bengals sweatshirt for my grandma, she has been wanting me to make her one so I need to start that tonight! So many projects, so little time!!!

Happy stitching & have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Its almost done!!! I see the light at the end of the tunnel!!! We were so busy yesterday with Victorias volleyball and Jacobs football that I didnt have much time to stitch but not today! Today I am going to get this done!! I am already thinking of my next project! I think I am going to do a few small Halloween items for some of my friends! I love giving things away!! Hopefully I will have a finished picture to post in a day or two at the most!!

Jacob had his first football game this past Saturday, I do not like it!! I was worried the entire time! Hes the quarterback & no one blocked for him! I hated to see him on the bottom of the pile!!! Only 7 more games to go. Help me!!! I love baseball!!!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What a life! The kids thought it would be fun to make Echo comfortable while he was outside! He is so spoiled!!!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

What a busy weekend!! Im not ready for Monday yet! I want to enjoy my weekend that went way to fast!! I didnt get nearly enough stitching done as I wanted too! We helped my mom move & then had to go to a funeral on Sunday. Just wasnt the weekend that I wanted! I am looking forward to the longer weekend next weekend!

I did do some stitching on my sister in laws picture. I am ready to get this done! Its time to start making some Christmas ornaments and Halloween things! I love fall, its my favorite time of the year!!!

I think I am going to visit my local needle shop today! I need a new project like I need a hole in the head but thats has never stopped me before!

Have a great week!!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wow, its been awhile! Things have been busy! Even though ball has been done, we have had lots of ball tryouts for next years teams & Jacob has started football! Busy times once again! I cant believe school starts next week! I feel like my summer has flown by! I am not ready for the kids to go back to school yet, I like having them home!

In between tryouts & football, I have managed to work on a picture for my brother & his wife for Christmas. I am doing a picture of their two girls (my nieces) for them. I love doing these pictures! Everyone loves to see the final product! I have 3 more pictures to cross stitch that I want to do for gifts so I need to get stitching!!

I will keep you posted!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Finally! I will have my weekends back! Both kids are done with ball!!!! Now I will be able to stitch my heart out most Saturdays & Sundays! I think I am going to start on some Christmas projects. I have the new Winter White Santa to do so I think I am going to make myself something for once!!! I will keep you updated on how its going! I did start a pair of socks last night! I was in the mood to do some knitting. We are heading to the Red game tonight so I am gathering a car project for the hour drive! Have a great day!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Watch Me Grow

Its DONE!!!! Finally, the baby gift for my cousin is done!!Macey was born Monday & now I have her gift! I dont know why this took me 2 months to do, all I can think of is that it is oblong & a pain to hold so I kept putting off working on it! I love it! I almost hate to give it away & now I wish I had one for my kids!! I cant wait to see the first picture that she puts in it. Now the question is, "What do I start next??"

Monday, July 13, 2009

Wow, what a weekend!

Friday was busy with kid activities & having our sons "9"birthday party!! I cant believe our baby is 9 already! Where does the time go??

Our daughter also started a softball tournament Friday night. I had to stay home with the party so of course I missed 2 of her best hits so far!! They got home in time to enjoy cake & ice cream with us!!

Saturday was a rainy mess!! The ball tournament was delayed all day so that meant that I got to sit home & stitch!!!!!! Yeah me!! I watched my craft shows I had on DVR & stitched all day! I think I stitched for 12 hours!!

Sunday, we were back at the ball fields! They had to play a ton of ball since Saturday was a wash. I did get to stitch alot in the car in between games. We were at the ball fields until 1:00am!!! Victoria was a hitting machine! The good news is, is that they won the tournament!!! Yeah Troy Terror!!!

I am so close to finishing my baby growth chart gift! I am hoping to work on it today (if the kids dont want to go to the pool!) I will be posting a picture of it soon!!!

Have a great Monday!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Long weekend at the ballfield! Both kids had tournaments this weeknd! They were 6 miles away from each other so that wasn't to bad. Victorias team came in 2nd & Jacobs team came in 3rd!

I did get to stitch a little in between games! I have my baby gift almost done!!!!! All I have to do is finish the outlining now!! I am soooo excited! I will post a picture as soon as I am done with it!

We are going to head to the pool in a few hours. Its finally sunny & warm again! I am ready to lay around & soak up the rays! We dont have anything on the calendar for tonight!!!! :) I love it when we have a free night!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Its my birthday! The one day a year that I get to do NOTHING!!!! My husband & kids know that this is the day that I get to sit & stitch all day!! Of course, that hasn't happened so far today but the day is still young! I will try to work in a trip to the yarn store & to JoAnns... birthday money to spend!!!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Finished a breadcloth for my grandparents for their 60th wedding anniversary! Wow!! 60 years!! My 16 years is nothing compared to theirs!!

I keep finding all these other things to work on instead of my baby gift, I think I am burnt out on it! My goal is to have it done by this weekend! Hold me to it!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Finished a sweatshirt order tonight! The lady wanted a "grandma" sweatshirt! I think it turned out great and she loved it! NOw to work on my baby gift!!!
Its Monday & its a lot cooler today! I think we are going to skip the pool today! I need a day to stay home & get the house caught up!
I also need to sit down this afternoon & work on my cousins baby gift. Her baby is due July 29 & I still don't have her gift done. Her theme is safari animals & I found the cutest "Watch Me Grow" cross stitched safari growth chart! I love it! I am so close to being done but we have had so many baseball games to attend, that I just can't find the time to finish it! I think today might be that day!!!