Monday, September 28, 2009

A weekend of stitching! We watched football, caught up on our dvr shows & I stitched! Took time out Saturday for Jacobs football game..they won!! Great job Jacob! Did some housework inside & out but mostly I stitched!!

I have been working on my picture Christmas ornaments. Every year since my kids were born, I make them an ornament & I put their picture in the middle. I also started making them for my nieces & nephews too so now I make 11 of them every year. I am getting tired of the same patterns so if anyone has any photo ornament patterns that they are willing to share, please let me know!!! This is a picture of the first one done for this year & the next one started! I will keep showing you them as I go!

Way to go Bengals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I like your ornaments - very cute :o) Also like the Halloween magnet in the last post too.

  2. Your ornament finish looks great. I never tried stitching on that kind, is it easy?