Monday, November 16, 2009

I did it! I finished all the ornaments for my kids, my nieces & my nephews!! I am so glad I am done! I need to finish putting the strings through them & do two more pictures but they are done!! I can finally move onto something else!!!

We put up a few Christmas decorations this weekend! I just cant seem to wait! I love this time of the year!!!! We have a busy weekend coming up too. We have Thanksgiving at our house with my husbands family & then on Sunday we have our baking day! Every year since I have been a little girl we all get together to make cookies. Theres usually about 17 of us, parents & kids that bake! We bake over 5 different kinds of cookies and usually end up with over 700 cookies! We freeze them and them divide them up on Thanksgiving for everyone to take home and enjoy! I cant wait!!!


  1. wow! You are very creative, they all looks great!!