Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Busy times!! Thanksgiving came & went in a whirl! Way to much turkey!! We had a super great time with all the family! Lots of board games were played this year!

Moving on to Christmas! I had everything decorated the weekend before Thanksgiving. I love to get everything up so I can enjoy it! We made the big switch last year to an artifical tree (yuck) but we had to. We always get a 13 foot tree & 9 foot around for our great room. It got to be such a pain having to use Chucks weights to weigh the thing down & to have the neighbors come over to help put it up. This tree is just as bad though! Its 14 foot tall & Chuck struggles to put the top on it! Oh well, what are you going to do??!! Victoria has started a bad habit with the dog & the tree, she thinks its cute to put a candy cane on the bottom & watch Echo get it off. Wont be cute when he knocks the whole tree over. In this picture, he is waiting for a candy cane to appear!!

Most of the shopping and wrapping is done, cards are out & baking has been started. I try to bake something every few days. I love this time of year!!!!

I still have 3 gifts to finish. I am making a Vikings helmet cross stitch for our son, a Chiefs one for my brother in law & I took a picture of our first Husky & am stitching it for our daughter. Looking forward to stitching tonight & watching Christmas movies with the kids! The only day this week that we have nothing on the calendar!!!!

Hope you are all enjoying your holidays!!

Merry Christmas!!

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