Tuesday, October 27, 2009

UGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH! I hate being sick!! I have been down for 6 days now with a sinus infection! It has left me weak!! Today is the first day I have been off the couch for more than 10 minutes! I need to get back among the living!!! I am just glad the kids arent sick. Chuck was down for a few days with a terible cough but so far thats it!! I think I may be on the mend! I have trick or treat candy to buy still! I sent Chuck to get candy & he bought the cheapest kind! Bad man, now I have to go get better candy!

I did manage to work a little bit on the my aunts gift but thats about it, just to weak and to tried! I need to kick things in gear, lots of gifts to get done!!!

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  1. Oh you poor thing! I do hope that you are feeling a bit better now and are fully recovered soon! My daughter has had a horrible sinus infection too. She is now on her second round of antibiotics and has missed tons of school because of it!!