Monday, July 13, 2009

Wow, what a weekend!

Friday was busy with kid activities & having our sons "9"birthday party!! I cant believe our baby is 9 already! Where does the time go??

Our daughter also started a softball tournament Friday night. I had to stay home with the party so of course I missed 2 of her best hits so far!! They got home in time to enjoy cake & ice cream with us!!

Saturday was a rainy mess!! The ball tournament was delayed all day so that meant that I got to sit home & stitch!!!!!! Yeah me!! I watched my craft shows I had on DVR & stitched all day! I think I stitched for 12 hours!!

Sunday, we were back at the ball fields! They had to play a ton of ball since Saturday was a wash. I did get to stitch alot in the car in between games. We were at the ball fields until 1:00am!!! Victoria was a hitting machine! The good news is, is that they won the tournament!!! Yeah Troy Terror!!!

I am so close to finishing my baby growth chart gift! I am hoping to work on it today (if the kids dont want to go to the pool!) I will be posting a picture of it soon!!!

Have a great Monday!!

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