Monday, August 2, 2010

I am sooo ready to be done with this!!! Everyone on Jacobs team this past week cheered me on with this picture! Whenever we had any down time I would hear "Erin, you need to stitch!! Wheres your stitching!!" I just cant wait for it to be done!!!!

Back from Chicago & straight to Victorias last tournament! They finished second!! Now my summer can more ball!!!

We headed to Chicago last week for Jacobs World Series baseball tournament! They finished 4th. They should have done better but 5 of the 11 kids on the team got sick while we were there!! Yuck! They played alot of great ball even sick! Good job boys!! Our season is now over :( til next year :)!

Victoria & Allison! Victoria brought a friend with her to Chicago! They finally made it over Sunday night, she had to finish her softball tournament first!

Jacobs team won one of the skills competitions!

Victoria & I!!! She is growing up way to fast!!!

One night at midnight I decided to make the ladies Flame shirts!! We all went out & bought shirts & the stuff to make them! So crafty sometimes, it can be a curse!!

Poor boys!!!
One of the families on the team wanted to take their girls to American Girl so we all went! The boys were thrilled!!

Much better store!!! The boys liked this store so much better than the American Doll store!!

Of course I had to have a sweatshirt!!!

Victoria loves Reese Cups so we got her one from the Hershey store since she wasnt here yet when we went downtown!!

And this is the BIG Reese Cup!! The kids are still eating them!!

Gino's!!! You must eat deep dish pizza when you are in Chicago!!One of the moms made a bet with Jacob! She said she would give him five dollars if he could eat two slices of pizza!! He couldnt even finish one piece!!


  1. Your cross stitch pic looks great. Did you design it yourself or send a pic to a company that created the pattern for you?

  2. I have a program that changes the pictures into cross stitch! These have become my favorite cross stitches to do! Everyone that receives one just loves them!!!