Monday, July 19, 2010

Still working on this picture!! Anyone know of any good needlework stores in Chicago?? Im heading that way for some shopping & thought I would try to find a store or two to visit!!

Another full weekend of ball! Victoria's team struggled this weekend but Jacobs team kicked butt! They won the Cincinnati World Series! They played their little hearts out!!

What a crew!! What was I thinking? I let Jacob have some teammates over night for his birthday!! They were all very good, just VERY active!!

I took the boys down to visit with Chuck before we went to the baseball fields for ball. He showed them the entire police department (except for the weapon room, they were bummed about that!!) They all had tons of questions!!

Poor Jacob! A sign that his sleepover/birthday party was a huge success!! He slept from 4-8pm then went to bed at 10 with no problem!!

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