Monday, July 12, 2010

It's getting there!! I am working on it all day today except for when we "Bring It"! My husband & I have started doing the P90x workout. We are on day 12 & we have lost weight! Its killing me to eat right though! I miss my donuts!!

Jacob is 10 years old!!! I cant believe our baby is in double digits! No more kids left in single digits!! So sad! He did not want a cake this year, he wanted Hershey kiss cokies! He said " my mom makes the best kiss cookies!!" so of course, thats what he got!!
Kayla, Victoria & Karina "cousins" wearing their shirts that they made or should I say that they paint splattered all over my craft room!

The Mochanator!! Its a good thing she is so cute because she is a trouble maker!!!

Have a great week!! I cant believe its July 12 already! Summer needs to slow down!!

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