Monday, August 30, 2010

Still working!!
I started a new sweater this weekend so I did alot of knitting!!

I made this little picture for Victorias best friend for her birthday! Allison & I started this saying a year ago & we always see who can say it first when we see each other!! She & Victoria were talking on the phone one night & Victoria put her on speaker & Allisons cow fell off her shelf & the butt landed on her face & thats how cow butt began! Just something silly Allison & I do when we see each other or we text it to one another once in awhile! I got her permanetly now though!!

I finished my Februaury sweater!! I can't wait to wear it!!

First day of school has come & gone. I am so sad! I miss having the kids at home!! Life seems so much easier without school schedules & homework!
Jacob is in the 4th grade & loves his teacher & class!!! Victoria is in the 8th grade & is so so. She didnt get with many of her friends so she is really bummed but she is looking forward to making new friends!! I hope this year goes slow!! Victoria will be entering high school next year & Im not ready for that so this year can crawl by!!!

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