Monday, August 23, 2010

Im working on my moms picture once again!! Ready to be done with this one too! I did mail the other picture off for Linda, she called me to tell me how much she loved it!! I am so glad she appreciated all my hard work!

What a weekend Victoria had!!! She had a dad/daughter weekend and a friend weekend in Chicago! Victoria is very much into softball & she loves Jenny Finch. She was very sad to hear that Jenny would be retiring this summer. Victoria has always wanted to see her play, so.....Chuck, Victoria & her best friend & her parents went to Chicago to see her this past weekend!!! They went to a double header on Saturday. Victoria caught Jennys home run ball in batting practice along with other balls! Chuck ended up talking to the owner & the owner said, "Anyone that has driven 6 hours to see Jenny should get to meet her!!!" So he took all of them onto the field & introduced them to Jenny!! Victoria was on cloud 9!!! In fact, I think she still is on cloud 9!! She was so excited to talk to her & get pictures taken with her!! Victoria will never forget this weekend!!!

Victoria & Jenny Finch

We are so proud of our son!!!???!!!

Victoria, myself, two of her friends & their moms all went shopping Friday & out for pizza! We spent a small fortune but had a great time! To bad we didnt buy any jeans or pants....means shopping again when it turns cooler out!!!

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