Monday, October 4, 2010

Almost a drum roll please!!!
I am almost done!! All I have to do is fill in the background!!! I am so happy!! Doing the happy dance!!!!!!!!!!!

Volleyballs, volleyballs & more volleyballs!!!!
Victoria asked me to make 28 volleyballs for her "Goodie Bag" for this Thursdays match. She just asked me Saturday! She wants me to make them double sided volleyballs & then turn them into keychains. I swear I just made a bunch of these for her spring volleyball team!! How could I say "No". So yesterday I sat in the car (since it was windy & rainy & freezing) while she played her double header & worked on her volleyballs. I have 4 more to make!!

Jacob made the front page of the paper! He was so excited to see himself! They were learning about nutrition! To bad he hasn't practiced what he learned!! He loves his sweets!!
Jacob is the guy on the left in the Bengals jersey!!

Our little bookworm!!
Victoria has finally decided to read the Twilight series. She has tried for a year now but never got into them. Now all of a sudden she can't put them down! She is on the final book!!

We got new carpet!!! I love it!! It is so soft & clean looking! I said I would never be one of those people that made you take your shoes off but I think I am going to be that person...for a little while anyway!!!

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