Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Still working!!
I didnt get much done this weekend exept for painting! I am hoping to hit this hard this month & get it finished! I have lots of other things I want to get working on!!

What a "Labor" fun filled weekend we had!!Did I say fun filled?? Hmmm. If you call painting fun then have at it!! We spent the weekend painting the rest of the inside of our house! All 3 floors are now painted!! I did not enjoy doing the 2 story foyer or great room! Neither Chucknor I wanted to get up on the ladder that high so we called my brother!! Hes always looking to make a little extra money!! Im just glad its finally done! Now we are getting new carpet & I get to start buying new pictures & accessories! I never want to see another paint brush!!

We did manage to have some friends over Sunday night. We did the fire pit & we lit a sky lantern. The kids & the adults thought it was pretty cool! Wonder if anyone called in any UFO's Sunday night!!


  1. The cross stitch pic of the kids is looking great. Wishing you luck that you can get it finished this month :)

  2. Thank you!! I have a feeling it will be more like October before I get it finished! I am hopeful though!!