Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Its getting there!!
I sat & stitched all day Saturday until it was time for Jacobs football game! I am starting to get excited!! Its almost done! I will be sitting & stitching all day Friday too!! Its almost there!!!!!!!

Jacob, just smile...please!!!

Thats better, I think.

Victoria had a GREAT night of volleyball last night!! Her team still hasn't lost! 9-0 We were a little worried last night but they pulled off another win! Awesome job last night Victoria!! Way to kick butt!!

A friend & I went to a wool gathering this past weekend. It was a lot of fun! Lots of wool. I took these pictures & sent them to my kids & Jacob asked "what the heck are they??" & then of course he said, "Can you bring one home??" They were so cute! I wish I could have brought one home!!


  1. It is very very close- I know the feeling of not wanting to put it down because you just want it done!! That is how I have felt with my quilt lately. It is looking just lovely!

  2. Thank you!! I have always thought I would try quilting someday but I truly hate to iron! Thats what keeps me from trying one! The ironing scares me!! Maybe someday!!