Monday, May 17, 2010

It was a pretty quiet weekend except for the sump pump breaking during the night & our basement flooding! We have a completed basement & there was water every where! We filed a claim through our insurance so they sent a crew to start cleaning it up! I am hoping for new carpet or at least our basement painted since they said our walls are wet too!! For the amount of our deductable, I hope we get something out of it! What a pain in the butt!! I guess the good thing is, is that we didnt really lose anything to the water damage! It just smells but thats gone now too! Never a dull moment!!
I am going to have to set aside my moms picture for a litle bit!!I received an order for me to do another picture for a customer so a paying customer comes first!! It wont take me long & then I will be back to work on moms!!


  1. That sucks about your basement! We had the same thing happen in ours once. Damn sump pumps!

    WTG getting a paying "stitch" job!

  2. I am just hoping to get new carpet & a paint job out of the basement! im not holding my breath though!!

    I like getting a paying job but I hate putting my stuff on hold! oh well, cant have it both ways I guess!!