Monday, May 3, 2010

I didn't get much stitching done this weekend. To much ball & traveling on the highway from one sporting event to the other! I did get alot of knitting done on my sweater! I will take a picture of that soon!!

Victoria had her last volleyball tournament for this team on Saturday. We spent the day at Ohio Northern. My brother went to school there so I showed her around & told "clean" stories of when I used to visit him!!
We made treat bags for the girls & dummy me decided the night before they were to be done, how cute it would be to make the girls keychains!! I had to make 10 of them! I got them all done, never mind how late I stayed up on Friday to finish them!! Why do I do this stuff to myself!!!

Victoria went to a Junior High dance Friday. The student council put on a dance just for the kids to hang out, no girl boy dance! Thank heavens, I'm not ready for that yet!!


  1. This is a pretty involved project to stitch in the car so I'll forgive you for knitting instead of stitching. It looks fab though!

  2. Thank you for forgiving me!! I am ready to get this project done!!! I love it but it's time to move on!!