Monday, February 15, 2010

Say it isn't so!!!! They are calling for another 9 inches of snow today!!! I am tired of snow!! Don't get me wrong, I love the snow but enough is enough! I want to see my brown grass again! ha My poor little Mocha, she swims in the snow! She doesnt have a prayer when shes running with Echo!

My sister in law called me last week & asked me to make a "name" for her daughters, teachers new baby. Her name is Ellie & she wanted me to do it like her nursery. I pulled up Penelope in Pottery Barn Kids & tried to make it look just like it. I think I did pretty good. Melinda & Grace were happy with it! Now they get to frame it & present it to Graces teacher!

Now I am back to working on my other sister in laws Christmas picture! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I am almost done with it! I am excited to get started on my moms picture of all 9 grandkids even though I know its going to be a pain! Its almost time to start on my ornaments that I do every year for my kids & the nieces & nephews. I like to do one a month so I dont have to do them all at once like I did last year!!

The kids are off today so I am sure we wil be going in & out all day today with the snow! I just hope they have school tomorrow!!!

Enjoy your day!!


  1. I just have to you ever stitch for yourself? You sound like me back in the day..way back in the day, I only ever stitched for others, then realized there were some things I just wanted for ME! Have you done that yet?
    The name is beautiful and the photo is beautiful too, and so close!
    babs in snowy alabama today

  2. Stitch for myself?? ha To funny! I do get a picture here or there for myself but not lately! Its a good thing that I like making homemade gifts for everyone!!