Monday, January 4, 2010

I did manage to get lots of gifts done for Christmas this year! I am happy with how everything turned out! I have now started on a gift for next Christmas already! Stay tuned & I will post a picture when I have made some progress on it!!
Echo & Mocha getting along like best buddies (of course, they are sleeping!!!)

Happy New Year!! I cant believe Christmas is over already! It makes me so sad! We had a great Christmas! The kids enjoyed everything they received & I just enjoyed being with my hubby & the kids! We had lots of family game nights!! The good ol fashioned board game, game nights & good ol ping pong!! I hated to see the kids go back to school today. Im not bored though, I still have the new puppy to keep me busy!!

I did teach my 2 nieces how to stitch. One night they asked how to do it so Victoria & I showed them how. They are all stitching their initials.

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  1. Hi "dancing needle". Just wanted you to know I stopped by your blog. I love that you've taught someone else how to to keep passing it alone :) Echo and Mocha are precious!
    babs is alabama