Monday, January 25, 2010

Coyote alert!!! We have seen 3 sightings of coyotes in our back yard in the last week! Last Friday Mr. Coyote was in the middle of our yard staring in the house at me! Echo is going crazy sniffing outside, he knows something is out there! Mocha on the other hand is totally oblivious to the coyote! Im sure she would make a nice little snack for it! Victoria & I have started shouting out the door every time we let the dogs out to scare any coyotes away! I certainy dont like them being so close to the house!!!

I didnt get much stitching done this weekend, we were on the go alot!! I did read alot in the car! I hate it when I have to try & decide between reading & stitching!! I am still working on my Sister in laws picture of her, her husband, 2 kids & her parents for Christmas 2010! Trying to get a head start on things!! Heres a picture of it so far!
Another week jam packed with basketball, softball & baseball! I just wish it was warm out. We are suppose to get a light snowfall today! :( I want summer!!! Bring on the heat!!!
Have a great day!!


  1. We have the coyotes coming close too out here in the country. Some nights their cries give me chills.
    I've been reading a lot more than I've been stitching this last or stitch? always making that decision :)
    Your picture is looking really good.

  2. Oh, I used to be so scared of coyotes when I was little. Now that I live in town we don't see too many. But the howls out at my parents house are scary!
    I am ready for summer too!

  3. Hi
    Thanks for visiting my blog. The Christmas window design is from Uk magazine World of Cross Stitching issue 156.