Monday, November 1, 2010

Working on this for my aunt for Christmas!!

Don't let the adorable face fool you!!! Stinker!!!

Poor Jacob!! Victoria & Allison dressed him up like a girl for Trick or Treat night!!
He had fun even though it was very cold out!! He didn't last to long!!


  1. I've always liked that design you're working on for your aunt. Looks like you're not too far from a finish. Aww, the dog looks sorry :)

  2. Thank you! I started it during the summer but put it down to get my moms picture finished! I am hoping to get it done this week!
    Did you see the hole in the comforter in front of Mocha???!! Thats her "please dont punish me" look!! I think I gave her to many kisses, wrong signal to send when she does something bad! Oh well!!!

  3. The stitching is stunning, I'm sure your aunt will love it. Yes that little face is adorable but my dogs are the same!
    kind regards,

  4. The piece you're doing for your aunt if gorgeous!! You have a lovely family.